This is what a massive Nuclear explosion would look like from space. Like a volcano erupting it would explode high into the atmosphere, dumping radio activity across our planet. In the scope of things its nothing, but to us simply devastating. It demonstrates the fragile balance in which we live.

Here is a scenario of nuclear war. Country. A. fires on Country. B., probably during a huge sun storm as that's when there is a blind spot in satellite tracking devices.

When Country. B. discovers this, they must try and disable Country. A. more than they will be disabled. The ensuing nuclear winter will have grave consequences for all who were not blown to oblivion in the initial impact zones.

It staggers the mind to think that one individual, can with the push of a couple of small buttons, cause global destruction.
We are lead to believe that a third world war can be won. But we are intelligent enough to know there will only be a Planet of losers.

The Genocidal Mentality of war has come from an era where the people of our world knew no better. You think to yourself what can be done about this? It is ourselves who head the direction of this world, therefore we are the only ones that can change it. It must come from the inside of your own country.

Seriously we need a change of direction and fast. We must have a world wide consensus on what can be done. Its simply crazy.

There is well over 1000 billion dollars spent every year on it. Think if over the past 10 years this had been put into areas of research and development, today we would be living in a very different society.

One week of world spending on war, would be enough to feed every starving person on the Planet for a year.

What is wrong with a society that fights over chunks of land a couple of hundred miles across, when there is whole universe waiting for us!

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