Do you genuinely comprehend that "We walk in a world of infinite possibility?" If so you are perhaps one of the best products of 4 billion years of evolution, on this fragile sphere we call Earth. You probably find it hard to understand why the people of our planet fight against each other , wasting all their precious energy.

Peace on the other hand is so simple to grasp, the world should be about consideration, understanding and teamwork for the good of each other. Its simple physics if we work together we will achieve our goals with far less effort.


It's unacceptable what we have to put up with from many corporations, all they want to do is take from us and have us firmly within their grasp. They are controlling our very destiny and the whole direction of our planet. We all know profits are their main concern, not our future or happiness.

Did you know that the Celera Corporation is patenting our DNA? The very essence of what makes us Human. A giant tobacco company was caught genetically engineering tobacco plants, to have higher nicotine levels, so the poor user became more addicted.


We cannot let them get away with this. One of our goals is to establish the ultimate consumer protection agency. Which soon you have your chance to get a part in for free. (Please join our mail list to be sent details when they become avaliable) It will be owned solely by its members. Everyone having an equal share. With the communication that the Internet brings, it is only now, this moment in time, that the Immortal being Foundation has been possible. The World Wide Web brings with it, a world changing far faster than we ever imagined.


Ask Bill Gates, the Founder of Microsoft and one of the worlds richest men, if the Internet is the way to go. He brought hotmail ( a free Internet based e-mail service) for US 44 million , they had one million people signed up using the service.

Bill obviously knows, that one person using his free e-mail service, is worth more than 44 dollars to him! Wouldn't that money be better off in your pocket? So please get you free e-mail to help us out.

Its really quite hard to get a grasp of how big the Internet is and the power it contains and it is growing more massive as we speak, according to market research the numbers in 2000 topped 375 million. Over the coming years, we will show how we are going to harness this power, while taking money away from the corporations and putting it in your pocket. Kind of like a modern day Robin Hood (who took from the rich to give to the poor) and of course all legal.

We are not a huge company yet, but look at Amazon dot com, from nothing to a corporation worth 20 billion dollars in 6 years.

So quickly come with us the corporations aren't waiting. What we are going to attempt to do, may seem a little beyond the scope of your reality. Every thing in our world was once a concept. Believe us when we say this is an opportunity billions of years in the making.