The information age has past us by, now we enter the age of overload. In the day and age we live, whom or what do we believe? Society has left us out on a limb to face the giant corporations alone, many suck our life forces from us everyday, with us oblivious to the fact.

Weather you know it or not the corporation cycle has you firmly in its grasp. Fast food giants, massive soft drink companies, enormous tobacco and other corporations bombard our senses everyday, from every where. They educate our children through movies, TV, radio, print ads, Internet, sponsorship & many other mediums.

Is the best diet for our children a hamburger fries and a soft drink?

Many giant cooperates would like us to think so. Which brings us to the Corporation Cycle, as we term it. We were only infants when it first got hold of us. Billion dollar industries against a helpless child, we never had a chance.

It has been sweeping us along ever since the day we were born, many of us unaware. These corporations are designed, to keep sucking as many units of our energy as possible, to make themselves larger and more profitable. The more massive they get, the more they can pump into promotion and advertising to lead others in to their grasp.

They now prey upon our children, as they know they are young and impressionable and that is where their future lies.

We were all once those children. We are now surrounded, as the cycle continues to spiral out of control, each generation is getting caught deeper and deeper.

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It is now at the stage where the corporations are fueling the direction of this planet. We must break free now before it is too late.

Huge industry has now got a firm grip on our reality, what this does, is help them to add more zeros to their end of year profits. Most don't have our best interest at heart. They long out live the people that created them many, set goals for over 100 years in the future; What goals do humanity have?

Many now begin to work together as they see potential to extract more units of your energy.

As an example you buy product .A. for 10 Dollars. You had the choice to purchase from two companies. Competition keeps the price at a reasonable amount. These two companies then merge, Why? because they know if they work together, they can extract more units of your energy. Suddenly there is no longer competition in the market place, product .A. goes from $10 to $20 Increasing the corporations profit from that same purchase. What can we do? join our mail list it is the first step.

Well there is one sure thing in all of this, it is you who gives them the power by the decisions that you make, so it is you who can take the power away. Over the coming years we will show you many decisions you can make, that will enhance your life, while taking from the corporations and putting it into your pocket.

How deep the corporation cycle goes we can only speculate. Does the future have one corporation controlling everything?