We need to be able to detect these asteroids two to three years before they enter our solar system. The government of the USA has put 1 million dollars funding into this area, nowhere near what is needed. Really it is not their responsibility.

55 million dollars is needed to run and maintain state of the art infra red imaging systems, which will enable us to detect these objects years before a collision with our world. This would give us the vital time needed to design a system to combat these potential Earth destroyers.

Take a friendly reminder of how active our solar system is. Go out side on a clear night to view one of the annual Meteoroid showers.

The only thing protecting us from being peppered, by these rocks from space is our thin atmosphere which burns them up as they enter it, causing the "shooting stars" that are so clearly visible in the night sky, on the following dates.

Earth is the shining
jewel of our galaxy


Between the 15th to 19th of November the Earth passes through the stream of Comet Tempel-Tuttle and activity will be seen towards the Leo Star Constellation. With a peek on the nights of the 17th to 18th. These are the most recommended dates to observe.

If you don't catch that one try these dates:

19th to 26th of April. peaking between the 20th to 22nd .

29th July to 7th August. peeking on the 2nd.

11th to 13th August.

20th to 22nd October.

1st to 3rd November.

13th to 15th December.

22nd December.


You can expect to see anywhere between 5-50 objects per hour if you look carefully. We have put the dates where activity is expect to be at its peek but for days either side you can still expect to see the odd flash in the night sky.

Don't leave your life to chance and wait for a Meteoroid or Asteroid to hit this planet, before you take action. It may then be to late. So lets take destiny into our own hands. Join our mail list today as the first step.